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Load cells and load pins applications

Crane & harbor industry sector

SENSY is active in the load limitation and specialised lifting field in the port sector. Our most significant speciality is designing custom sensors and providing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Most of the solutions in these industries are concerned with load limiting and the possibility of displaying and recording loads. To optimise the service life of your hoists, we also calculate the remaining SWP (Safe Working Period). (...)

Oil / Gas sector

Companies from the oil and gas industry are currently facing new challenges in terms of performances, procurements, security, risk management, etc. We can be your partner and develop sensors for many applications, both in offshore and onshore areas. The solutions we offer our clients include load pins, torque transducers, tensiometers, etc. In this sector, the majority of demands concern certifying the use of our sensors in potentially explosive atmospheres – ATEX certification. (...)

Marine & subsea sector

Over the years, we have acquired a solid experience in the maritime and underwater sectors. We have the skills and resources to provide you with effective solutions that can withstand the most perilous environments. The proposed solutions typically include force sensors, tensiometers, load limitation systems, etc. (...)

Testing machine sector

We develop standard and custom-made sensors, electronics, software and solutions depending on the requirements of the machinery and test benches. Primarily, these solutions include standard sensors supplied with the appropriate certificates: certified ISO 376 or ASTM E74 or EN 12390. Software adapted to standard sensors can be certified ISO 7500. (...)

Mechatronics & automotive industry sector

We are also active in the automotive and mechatronics industry. We know that reliability is key in this field, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions for force sensors, torque transducers and multi-axis sensors. (...)

Aerospace & space sector

For several years, we have had a presence in the aerospace and space sector. In particular, we have proved our expertise by contributing, at our level, to the successful launch of the VEGA rocket. SENSY passed the audit and is ASD-EASE qualified according to ISO 9100, without which we could not qualify as ESA suppliers. (...)

Power-generation industry sector

With a firm focus on the future, SENSY offers solutions tailored to your needs. These include sensors that meet requirements in constantly evolving energy sector. (...)


Medical & pharmaceutical sector

The medical and pharmaceutical sector is an extremely challenging sector because of the many rules and regulations that must be respected. We are able to offer tailored solutions to meet these requirements. (...)

Sensors customizations

This page will help you to define your custom-made load pins.


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