Load pins and wire tension measurement configurators

Custom made load pins, subsea load pins, static tensiometers, running line tensiometres, load pins design,...

Since 1985 SENSY has specialised in the manufacture of custom-made load pins or clevis pins. Today, we provide one of the most complete product ranges of load measuring pins currently available on the market. The range is constantly expanding in order to keep up to date with the latest standards and technologies.

Custom load pins

By ‘custom-made’ SENSY is referring to load pins that are made to fit your requirements. These can include: dimensions adapted to your mechanical environment; measurement in two orthogonal directions; use of redundant outputs (SIL); operation in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX, IEC Ex - Exd, Exi); enhanced sealing properties (max. = IP68 subsea); and wireless transmission of the output signal, etc.

A wide range products for hoisting devices

In addition, SENSY proposes a full range of load limiters, data displays and recording systems (COACH) as well as a range of standard load pins, shackles and wedge sockets