Load limitation on vacuum lifting equipment

Load limitation on vacuum lifting equipment

Conception of a lifting limitation system 

Design of a load limitation system for a customer using vacuum lifting equipment.

At the request of our customer SUXXESSION, SENSY has designed and manufactured a load measuring and load limitation system on a steel pipe handling machine.

Steel pipes are used as construction materials in the onshore and offshore industries for a wide range of applications.

A major challenge

Delivering them to a job site without any damage is a real challenge because of their size and weight.

Using a load limitation system is therefore important in this context, in order to facilitate and secure the task of the operator carrying out the handling operations of these pipes.

Our load limitation system consists of a 5000-type custom-made load pin, and a load limiter device with an onboard display.

The 5000-type custom-made load pin is installed between the crane arm and the balancing beam of a tube manipulator which is equipped with suction cups and under vacuum.

The function of our equipment is to measure and monitor the load, keeping the lifted load under the safe limit.

The operator can continuously monitor the actual load lifted in his cabin at any time during handling operations and deliver the pipes to the job site safely and completely intact.