SENSY sets the standard: load cell 30MN

SENSY sets the standard: load cell 30MN

SENSY has manufactured a very large and highly accurate load cell for use as a reference standard in force calibration and verification systems

It has a full range of 30 MN (about 3,000 tonne-force) and was custom-made for a European Institute for Civil Engineering Materials Testing.

This reference standard is huge (about 80 cm high and wide). Its tube shape and dimensions were designed to match those of a testing machine at the Materials Testing Institute.

Special attention was paid to the design of the hardness (deformation resistance) of the load-bearing surfaces, selecting the steel types and thermal treatments necessary to obtain the required accuracy for the transducer or sensor.

This very large and heavy sensor (SENSY model 5195S-30MN-Cl ’1’) is equipped with a set of outer rings and rods to allow for easier and safer handling. It has been designed to monitor and study, among other properties, the tensile strength and fatigue resistance of cables used for large civil engineering structures, such as cable-stayed bridges.

Specifications :

  • Full scale : 30 MN
  • Accuracy : Class 1 following ISO376
  • Height : 811 mm
  • Diameter of the hole : 505 mm
  • External Diameter : 800 mm
  • Weight : 1170 kg
  • Output signal : 6 mV/V