SENSY sets the standard once again!

After the conception and manufacturing of the standard reference transducer of 30 MN in compression, here comes the 27 MN tension-compression standard reference transducer or sensor.

For more than 25 years, SENSY has been manufacturing accurate and reliable custom-made sensors. So, it is only natural that we have developed a great deal of experience in the manufacturing of standard reference force transducers (with high precision).

Indeed, in order to push back the boundaries still further, SENSY has manufactured several tension-compression transducers of > 20MN that are certified according to ISO 376*.

What is ISO 376?

The ISO 376 standard covers the calibration of tension and compression load cells used for the static verification of uniaxial testing machinery, such as tension/compression testing machines.

These high-accuracy load cells (standard force transducers) operate as the link between the “National Metrology Institutes” (official “Weights and Measures” authorities) and the “ready-to-be-calibrated” testing machines.

Apart from the calibration process itself, the ISO 376 standard describes a procedure of classifying these testing machines according to precision criteria.

Four precision levels or classes have been defined for ISO 376:

  • Class “00” : This is reserved for measurement standards of the highest metrological level and can be considered as equivalent to a global measurement inaccuracy of between 0.02% and 0.05%.
  • Class “0.5”: This applies to dynamometers used for the calibration of the best precision-testing machines. Its level of global measurement inaccuracy is between 0.1% and 0.25%.
  • Class “1” and “2”: These are reserved for dynamometers used for the verification of ordinary or field-testing machines.

Pictured below is our latest achievement, a standard reference or force transducer made for a tension-compression test bench.

Characteristics of the standard force transducer:

  • Capacity: 27 MN
  • Accuracy: ISO 376 class “0.5”
  • Protection index: IP 66
  • Weight: 1.421 kg (3.132.77 lb)
  • Height: 1.46 m (57.48 in)
  • Diameter: 0.45 m (17.72 in)

(*) : calibration and certification according to ISO 376 is actually limited to 16.5 MN according to existing Official Laboratory facilities.(especially in tension mode). European project joining most important Official Weights and Measures authorities to extend their facilities capabilities to possibly 30 MN and even 50 MN is starting.