Adaptability and flexibility

SENSY offers a very wide range of standard force and torque transducers. Nevertheless, it is common to have to make specific changes to meet individual customer requests.

Some examples:

  • Use of a non-standard connector at SENSY to meet your standardization requirement (supplied by SENSY or the customer).
    adaptability and flexibility 1
  • Supply of a double-bridge load cell for redundancy in order to increase measurement reliability.
    adaptability and flexibility 2
  • Providing very specific loading accessories.
    adaptability and flexibility 3
  • Replacing a male thread with a female thread.
    adaptability and flexibility 4
  • Replacing a central flange (see 5200) with two side flanges.
    adaptability and flexibility 5
  • Replacement of standard (metric) threads with specific threads (imperial, trapezoidal, API, etc.)
  • Specific surface treatment (passivation, nickel plating, hard chromium plating, etc.)
  • Choice of a specific cable with a specific colour code (this cable can be supplied by the customer).
  • Specific tests on the material (Charpy, ultrasonic control, Rx, etc.)
  • Etc.