Temperature range : -50°C to +180°C

When manufacturing force transducers or torquemeters, SENSY takes into account three types of temperature range:

  • The compensated temperature range where the thermal drift of the force transducer is corrected, optimised and verified during its manufacturing (standard: -10 ° C ... +45 ° C).
  • The nominal operating temperature range (standard: -30 ° C ... +70 ° C) for which the transducer has been designed and qualified but which is not subjected to systematic temperature control. Nevertheless, the drift remains substantially the same as over the compensated temperature range. As an option and depending on the models, we propose to extend the operating temperature from to -50 ° C ... +180 ° C and, if necessary, to compensate for a part or all these temperatures. The storage temperature range (standard: -50 ° C ... +85 ° C) which is always adapted according to the chosen temperature option.