TEDS linearity for load cells

This technology is not only compatible with force transducers but has been designed to be used with all types of transducers (temperature, pressure, accelerometer, etc.). It consists of a digital circuit for transmitting the information necessary for its calibration to the measurement electronics.

Other information is stored in the memory of this chip: for example, transducer type, serial number, year of manufacture, manufacturer, etc.

In this way, when the force transducer is connected to a TEDS-compatible indicator, it behaves like a fully ‘plug and play’ feature with automatic calibration which allows N, kg or t to be displayed directly, rather than mV.

Note: When necessary, and depending on the design of the transducer or application, it is also possible to improve the linearity of the transducer by integrating pairs of points and the corresponding adjustments into the memory.