ATEX enclosures

ATEX enclosures

With over 25 years of experience in force measurement, SENSY is able to offer a wide range of tailored solutions adapted to each customer’s demands and environments.

Indeed, as a manufacturer of load cells and force transducers, SENSY can supply you with complete measurement chains (load cell sensors, amplifiers, conditioners, industrial and ATEX enclosures, displays, etc.).

Now let’s focus on SENSY’s ATEX solutions :

SENSY is ATEX certified following the standard IEC 60079 and its parts -0, -1, -11, -15 and -16. This standard takes a global approach to the design and manufacturing processes. It regulates the use of electrical and non-electrical equipment, industrial devices and installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

We are also EN 13980 certified (production quality assurance).

In addition, SENSY’s load cells will be CSAc and CSAus certified in a near future (following the ISA 61241-0, ISA 61241-11, ANSI/ISA 61010-1:2004 and ASI/UL 60079-0 5th Ed standards) by a body that certifies equipment for use in hazardous locations across North America. These standards are the North-American counterpart of the European Union Directive 94/9/EC.

The choice of which ATEX enclosures you will need depends on certain factors, such as :

  • the type of protection,
  • the ATEX zone classification,
  • the equipment that has to be included.

The selected ATEX enclosure can be equipped with :

  • standard components (terminals, circuit breakers, switches, etc.)
  • measuring instruments (signal conditioners, measuring indicators, etc.)
  • display windows (in order to see the display).

SENSY also provides ATEX enclosures with IP 65 protection in stainless steel. Yet another example of a complex ATEX measurement system is the WiFi solution whereby a wireless force sensor operates in an ATEX environment.

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