Miniature tension/compression load cells

Miniature tension/compression load cells

The demand for miniature load cells is growing across various industries.

This growth is because in many applications there is a need to measure forces accurately where there are space restrictions. Therefore, for many years, SENSY has been designing, developing and manufacturing miniature load cells in response to our customers’ needs. Two examples of models from our large range of miniature products are shown in the picture below:

These transducers may be small in size but large in scope – they are capable of measuring high capacities in many environments. Typically, they are used for inline compression and tension applications.

Well-known applications for these miniature transducers include:

  • Industrial force measurement, where space is limited
  • Industrial weighing, where space is limited
  • Anti-intrusion control
  • Automotive applications
  • Aeronautic and aerospace applications

Standard Characteristics of the miniature transducers pictured below:

  • Compression capacity : up to 20 kN
  • Traction capacity : 5,000 N
  • Breaking load : 300?%
  • Protection index : IP 65

force sensor miniatures