Custom-made load pins

Load pin design and manufacturing according to your mechanical specificities (diameter, capacity, etc.)

At the beginning of the 1990s, SENSY was directly involved in upgrading the safety of hoisting equipment, mainly electrical overhead travelling cranes in the Belgian steel industry, for which it focused mainly on replacing upper sheave or equalising beams as well as dead-end anchor point shafts by load pins, without any mechanical modifications. During this period, the design and manufacture of custom-made load pins, even for one-piece batches, became part of our DNA. Our engineering department has developed solutions for quick, safe and effective load-pin design CAD tools, based on 30 years of experience in manufacturing. As for vertical integration, SENSY has its own machining shop dedicated to manufacturing our proof bodies, and giving us the full flexibility to produce any size of machining batches, from one-piece to the medium series.

Our approach is ‘bidirectional’: we can manufacture according to existing designs or new designs, having verified that the dimensions and corresponding capacity match the safety requirements of the application concerned; or we can recommend optimised load pin dimensions based on requirements and the corresponding safety factors.

To request a quotation, we will ask you for as much information as possible to ensure we can provide an appropriate solution. Thus, we need to know the load pin capacity, its dimensions (and ideally the corresponding mounting drawings), as well as the environmental conditions (temperature range, ingress protection, distance between pin and instrumentation, etc.). Based on our accumulated experience, we invite our customers and partners to describe their requirements so that we can suggest appropriate technical options.


  • Step 1 : Description of the customer’s needs

    custom load pins
  • Step 2 : 3D SENSY analysis and approval drawing before starting the machining process

    custom load pins
  • Step 3 : Manufacturing

    Custom subsea load pins

Below is a list of the available options:

  • Choice of connector mounted on load pin body
  • Choice of analogical or digital amplifier
  • Ex certification for use in hazardous zone (Ex ia) for µV or analogical output
  • ATEX Ex d certification and choice of output signal
  • Ingress protection: from IP65 to 69K (with dimensional limitations for IP68 and 69K)
  • Range of temperature compensation (high: up to +180°C, low: to -60°C)
  • Choice of cable type
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Additional raw material testing beyond manufacturer’s basic material certificate (Charpy low temperature/high impact value, magnetic particles inspection, US, etc.)
  • Third-party inspection (ABS, DNV-GL, BV, etc.)
  • Calibration curve
  • Specific cable protection (hydraulic hose, anti-flame sleeve)
  • Double independent strain gauge bridge (or even triple)
  • Version for SIL3 or PL e application
  • Double direction (XY)
  • Special retainer plate or special locking method
  • Lubrication channel

This list is non-exhaustive and unlimited: we will address any request, as long as it is within the law of mechanics!

Note: most of these options are also applicable to our standard model 5300.

custom load pinscustom load pinscustom load pins