Heavy compression load cell

We often have to manufacture redundant force transducers where the safety level is imposed by a standard according to the application (see SIL / PL ready).

In this example, we developed a standard force transducer (high accuracy force transducer) with a double output for another use.
In this case, SENSY has manufactured a standard force transducer with two independent and isolated measuring chains. The first provides a raw mV / V signal from stain gauges wired in Wheatstone bridge for an accuracy indicator, and the second provides an RS-485 digital signal for PLC in order to monitor the applied force...

Specifications :

  • Measurement ranges : 1 in compression
  • Accuracy : Certified class "0.5" according to ISO376
  • Material : Alloy steel
  • Signal 1 : 1,5 mV/V
  • Signal 2 : RS-485
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