Load cell measurement error during a calibration

The standard reference dynamometer or torque meter must be used according to the parameters defined during calibration. Any significant change in these conditions is likely to render the calibration results invalid.

Uncertainty about the force measured using a calibrated dynamometer

Uncertainty about the force measured by a calibrated dynamometer must be evaluated taking into account:

  • the uncertainty of dynamometer calibration
  • the components characterising the dynamometer and the measurement performed: resolution, measurement repeatability and reproducibility., effect of temperature, creep, etc.
  • components which may provoke possible differences in the calibration conditions: change in the measurement indicator, different loading or force application procedures, etc.
  • a component which causes any intervention in the evolution of dynamometer sensitivity since the previous calibration.

Given that, over time, dynamometer sensitivity stability is very high but cannot be guaranteed. It is necessary to perform a regular recalibration, its regularity depending essentially on the transducer and the use made of the dynamometer. As an indication, ISO 376 recommends recalibration a maximum of every two years.

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