Smart junction box is designed for parallel connecting of 2 to 4 load cells to an electronic device and for ensuring the monitoring of their correct functioning.

o Control of:
   - load cell out of pre-set balance range
   - load cell out of pre-set operating range
   - low / high excitation
   - open circuit to any load cell on each connection
   - short circuit on any load cell connection
   - internal load cell fault (bridge imbalance)
o Ensure the positive safety of load limitation systems based on multiple load cells connected in parallel (hoisting devices)


- ABS housing available with DIN rail mounting accessories
- PCB available without ABS housing
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Type (-) Smart junction box
Input range (-)
1...5 mV/V
Sensor excitation (-) 4...12 VDC ()
Non-linearity error (% F.S.*) <± 0.03
Display (-) 4 digits
Service temperature range (°C)
Storage temperature range (°C)
Temperature coefficient of the sensitivity (% F.S.*/10°C) <± 0.02
Temperature coefficient of zero signal (% F.S.*/10°C) <± 0.2
Power supply (-)
4...12 VDC
Qty of relay (-) 1
Relay type (-) SPCO relay
Contact rating (-) 0.5 A (50 VDC max.) / 1 A (24 VDC / 120 VAC)
IP rating (-) IP65

*F.S. : Full Scale.
** : provided by measurement electronics / 52 mA (except the consumption of the sensors).
*** : as SENSY JBOX-LCI is powered by the electronics on which it is connected, this electronics has to be able to provide an extra current supply in addition to the one required by the load cells. This means that, if necessary, a higher sensor impedance (e.g.: 700 or 1000 ohms) has to be provided. Example: In the case of use of a load cell with a CRANE-BOY (capacity of 125 mA at 10 V), the remaining current supply for the load cells is 75 mA. This will therefore be sufficient for 2 load cells of 350 ohms but not for 4 load cells of 350 ohms.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • MA-JBOX LCI_EN.pdf (396.66k) *
  • MA-JBOX LCI_FR.pdf (403.16k) *

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