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With 25 years of experience in the field, SENSY is one of the most tried-and-tested companies in the business of load limitation for hoisting devices. This is why we can offer one of the largest product ranges on the market, including strain-gauge technology load cells and load pins, electronic load limiters and displays, as well as torque shackles and wedge sockets. We have also developed a range of load cells and electronic load limiters especially for low-capacity hoisting equipment.


When it comes to defining the conformity of hoisting equipment, you think about load-limitation equipment for overhead cranes (EOT), harbour cranes, etc. Thus, we are talking about heavy loads, classification of cranes (European Federation Standardor FEM) and large investments. However, since many users believe that hoisting devices for smaller capacities do not deserve such significant investment, SENSY has developed a range of cost-effective load cells and electronic load limiters for hoisting equipment adapted to smaller capacities. Here we are referring to load cells with fast and easy implementation combined with load-limitation electronics with 1 to 3 set points. Therefore, SENSY can offer you an economical solution for equipping your low- and medium-capacity overhead cranes with a load measuring and monitoring system.


Our load cells

0.5 to 2000 t
Custom made load pin designed to be installed at the same place of a common axle without any big changes of the existing mechanical environment.
0.3 to 20 t
Load measuring wedge socket designed to measure the force applied on a cable.
1 to 2000 t
Load shackle designed to measure a tension force.
1 to 2000 t
Wireless load shackle designed to measure a tension force.
 0.5 to 2000 t
Custom made load pin for subsea applications.
0.5 to 25 t
Load links specially designed for load limitation on hoisting devices.
0.5 to 100 t
Load pin with standard dimensions.
0.25 to 24 t
Low cost load cell specially designed to measure the tension force on hoisting rope.
0,4 bis 600 t
Running line tensiometer designed to measure the tension force of a running rope.
1 to 600 t
Running line tensiometer designed to measure the tension force of a running rope with removable center sheave to allow an easy installation.
0.5 to 6.3 t
Custom made load pin. it's a low cost version of model 5000 only available with a diameter smaller or equal than 39 mm and with axial cable gland.
0.3 to 20 t
Annular force transducer specially designed for application requiring a centred hole.

Associated electronics

Load limiter for 2 hoisting and their sum
Weighing electronics for containers.
Load limiter with 3 setpoints and display for hoisting devices (eot cranes,..).
Load limitation with 3 setpoints and display for hazardous area.
Eot cranes recording and managing electronics.
Load limiter electronics for hoisting devices (eot cranes,..).
Large digital displays for the reading at long distance.
Load limiteur with 3 setpoints and display for front panel.
Two channels load limitation electronics.
Smart junction box designed for parallel connecting of 2 to 4 load cells to a measurement electronics and ensuring the monitoring of their proper functioning.
Analog voltage and current signal converter with galvanic insulation.
Converts the signal from the wheatstone bridge (mv/v) in a robust industrial standardized 4 to 20 ma signal.

Sensors customizations

This page will help you to define your custom-made load pins.


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