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As a manufacturer of load cells and force transducers, we can supply you with complete measurement chains by connecting electronics to our products that meet your needs. Beside analogical or digital amplifiers integrated in our load cells or mounted on their cables, we also offer a broad range of electronic equipment to meet customer requirements: displays, amplifiers, analogue and digital transmitters, etc. This means that for every application, you can find the corresponding range of electronic equipment. As experts in measurement chains in their entirety, we also offer pre-calibration services, remote assistance and initial after-sales services for these electronics.

Our load cells

Load limiter for 2 hoisting and their sum
Load limiter electronics for hoisting devices (eot cranes,..).
Eot cranes recording and managing electronics.
Conditionner-amplifier with 4..20 ma and 0..10 v output.
Conditionner-amplifier with 4..20 ma and -10..0..10 v output.
Analog voltage and current signal converter with galvanic insulation.
Load limiter with 3 setpoints and display for hoisting devices (eot cranes,..).
Load limitation with 3 setpoints and display for hazardous area.
Two channels load limitation electronics.
Large digital displays for the reading at long distance.
Dual independant process input meter.
Display for running line tensiometer.
High accuracy digital indicator for standard referance force transducer.
4 channels digital indicator for 3115f-12390.
Very high accuracy digital indicator designed for weighing applications.
Load limiteur with 3 setpoints and display for front panel.
Very high accuracy digital indicator for standard referance force transducer.
Universal panel meters for using with load cells and process signals.
Hand held indicator for transducer with mv/v output.
Junction boxes designed to connect several load-cells in parallel to the same reading electronics with possibility of corner adjustment.
Smart junction box designed for parallel connecting of 2 to 4 load cells to a measurement electronics and ensuring the monitoring of their proper functioning.
Converts the signal from the wheatstone bridge (mv/v) in a robust industrial standardized 4 to 20 ma signal.
Convert the signal from a wheatstone bridge (mv/v) in a standardized digital signal rs-232, rs-485 or usb.
Weighing electronics for containers.
Radio transmitter for analog signal (mv/v, 4..20 ma, 0..10 v).
Radio receiver with analog output (4..20 ma, 0..10 v).
Handheld wireless indicator.

Sensors customizations

This page will help you to define your custom-made load pins.


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