Embedded load cells on rockets

Whether during the development of prototypes or to provide control functions for operational rockets, SENSY is regularly asked to develop and supply force and torque sensors for the aerospace sector.

These sensors are intended both for ground tests and for being embedded in rockets.

Some of the applications SENSY has encountered so far include:

  • Measurement of the force exerted by jacks (3MN) simulating the thrust exerted by the boosters during tests carried out on the Ariane-5 structure;
  • Measurement of the force exerted by the actuators orienting the boosters during the rocket’s take-off;
  • Measurement of the rocket’s engine thrust.

This equipment must meet the stringent requirements for all aerospace equipment: primarily these cover technical aspects: reliability, overload resistance, vibration resistance, accuracy, operating temperature, etc.

They also concern the quality assurance system: traceability, manufacturing according to the EN9100 standard, control of the first product (FAI), etc.

Load cells often used for this type of application