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Load cells, load pins : NEWS

However, to improve measurement reliability or to better suit the application, it may be interesting, or even compulsory, to get redundant measurement channels by using several additional Wheatstone bridges to measure the same deformation.
As long as SENSY has been in existence, it has offered a wide range of options to allow the type of transmission to be adapted to the application, including:
- Analogue amplifiers (0-10 V, 4-20 mA, +/-10 V, etc.)
- Digital amplifiers (RS232, RS485, USB, etc.)
- Wireless transmitter/receiver for industrial environments.
SENSY has been active for 30 years in the field of load limitation for hoisting devices.
SENSY offers a complete range of solutions adapted to each application.
Our force transducers are used in many different economic sectors: industrial, chemical, materials handling, oil and gas, aeronautical, etc. … and also civil engineering!

They are being used more and more either for the continuous monitoring of complex structures or for the renovation of civil engineering works.
SENSY has provided a complete solution to a specific need for force measurement required by a manufacturer of quick-release mooring hooks.
The customer requested a method to measure the forces exerted by a ship’s cable on mooring hooks in order to display them and, if necessary, to disengage the ship if the forces exceed the acceptable limit.
Maintenance management is of vital importance for cranes, more than for any other industrial equipment.

Active in the field of load limitation for cranes for more than 25 years, SENSY has developed the COACH system that meets this need for predictive maintenance.
Active in the field of force and torque measurements, SENSY offers both standard and customised torque transducers.

That is why we regularly respond to specific requests, such as:
- Designing a standard reference torquemeter with a very high capacity: 250 kNm.
- Manufacturing a redundant transducer for torque measurement.
- Producing instruments for a mechanical arm subject to substantial torsional loading.
- Integrating torque measurement within multiaxial transducers (3 forces and 3 moments).
To meet increasing demands from industry for ways of measuring force in potentially explosive environments, SENSY has developed a complete range of ATEX-certified weighing load cells as well as force and torque transducers.

These load cells can be certified as explosion-protected equipment with different types of protection (Ex i, Ex n or Ex d) for use in different explosive zones:

SENSY provides a wide range of Zener barriers and galvanic isolators in order to comply with the intrinsic safety rules.

We also offer a complete range of ‘Ex d’ certified flameproof enclosures for electronics that are used in hazardous atmospheres.
For more than 15 years, we have been manufacturing submersible load pins for use in many different situations such as operating in testing in a controlled environment and carrying out measurements in the deep sea (>1,500m depth).

With over 28 years of experience, we have tested and validated our load cells in the most extreme operating conditions. Their durability is due, in particular, to the special technique we use for the internal bonding of our strain gauges.

Our submersible load cells are perfectly designed for a wide range of applications:
- Oil and gas drilling
- Underwater search
The success of any weighing project depends mainly on the choice of load cell. However, in this case, it is heavily dependent on the application, as it is necessary to consider several parameters:

- Load distribution on the structure;
- Overall accuracy;
- Mounting bracket assembly;
- Fixed elements of the structure (pipes, ladders, pumps, etc.);
- Winds (anti-tilt and anti-lift-off protection);
- Etc.
SENSY offers a very wide range of products:
- Load cells and load pins based on strain-gauge technology (from 1 kg up to 1000 t, higher capacity on request);
- Load limiters with analogue or digital outputs;
- Displays of all sizes;
- Dynamometric shackles and load-measuring wedge sockets;
- Etc.
With over 25 years of experience in force measurement, SENSY is able to offer a wide range of tailored solutions adapted to each customer’s demands and environments.
Indeed, as a manufacturer of load cells and force transducers, SENSY can supply you with complete measurement chains (load cell sensors, amplifiers, conditioners, industrial and ATEX enclosures, displays, etc.).
SENSY produces and designs a large product range of standard and customised load cells capable of measuring forces on a rope or cable. These load cells can be specially designed and specifically made for operating in any kind of environment (subsea, maritime, ATEX, etc.). The oil and gas, marine and subsea, and the crane and harbour industries are the industrial sectors where these load cells are the most popular.

SENSY produces two kinds of tensiometer: the ‘running line tensiometer’ and the ‘static line tensiometer’.
SENSY sets the standard once again! After the conception and manufacturing of the standard reference transducer of 30 MN in compression, here comes the 27 MN tension-compression standard reference transducer or sensor.
In order to push back the boundaries still further, SENSY has manufactured several tension-compression transducers of > 20MN that are certified according to ISO 376*.
For many years, SENSY has been designing, developing and manufacturing miniature load cells in response to our customers’ needs. Two examples of models from our large range of miniature products are shown in the picture below:
• Miniature compression sensor
• Miniature traction/tension sensor
These transducers may be small in size but large in scope – they are capable of measuring high capacities in many environments. Typically, they are used for inline compression and tension applications.
Our force transducer (SENSY 5000) is now available with SIL 3 certification.
Our solutions include the development not only of customised transducers but also of the instrumentation and software options associated with the sensors.
We can equip our sensors with a wireless transmitter to pick up the signal on a portable indicator, a display, a PC (via a USB interface), etc.
We set up a brand new ‘ticketing system’ on our website.
SENSY has developed a multi-axial transducer that is specially designed to measure force and torque or moment in three directions.
SENSY designed these tri-axial load cells to measure the forces that the cutting tool is applying to the workpieces during machining.
SENSY developed a force sensor designed for a special interactive medical robot.
 on unsafe vehicles
A platform brake tester has been developed to check the testing equipment used to assess the braking performance of vehicles at test centres.
torque transducer
SENSY has produced a high capacity reaction torque transducer for a calibration bench for screwdrivers.
SENSY has manufactured a very large and highly accurate load cell with a full range of 30 MN.

This reference standard is huge (about 80 cm high and wide). Its tube shape and dimensions were designed to match those of a testing machine at the Materials Testing Institute.
New European rocket VEGA of the European Space Agency (ESA) has been just launched.
In order to face our expansion on international markets, our factory is moving this week into its brand new facility.
Attached to present buildings, this new facility, built with the latest techniques in terms of energy savings including most advanced thermal insulation and heating system, enlarges our production surface required by the evolution of our growing orders intake.
Factory layout has been designed to reach the highest levels of ergonomic and meet present standards of lean production.

Follow the progress of our factory move through daily posted pictures prior to normal production activity restart.

Sensor customization

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