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Load limiters for hoisting devices

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SENSY has been active for 30 years in the field of load limitation for hoisting devices.
SENSY offers a complete range of solutions adapted to each application.

Some examples

EOT crane of 5 t reeved 4/1

Equipment offered

Load limitation with slack cable detection and large display
Existing EOT crane of 20 t reeved 4/2

Equipment offered

  • Custom-made load pin model : 5300 with 10 t capacity
  • Load limitation electronics CRANE-BOY with display of the load, 3 independent set points and 4..20mA analogue output
  • Large display : DISP-FP44 (4 digits of 102 mm)

Load limitation with measurement of the SWP (Safe Working Period)
New EOT crane with 2 winches of 32 t reeved 8/2 with balancing pulley

Equipment offered

  • 2 model 5000 standard load pins with 10 t capacity
  • Cabinet including 2 electronic load limiters INDI-BOY ensuring load limitation for each winch and DISP-SUMD ensuring the limitation of the sum of the 2 loads
  • 2 data recording and management electronics COACH-II providing
    • History of the movements and hoisted loads
    • Permanent calculation of the SWP of each winch

Load limitation of a complex EOT crane
New crane lifting a 10 t tray reeved 4 x 2/1
Limitation: 3 t at every corner and 10 t overall as the sum of each one

Equipment offered:

  • 4 standard load measuring wedge sockets 5000B-5/8'' with a capacity of 1.5 t
  • Cabinet including 4 electronic load limiters : INDI-BOY ensuring the limitation for each corner and DISP-SUMD for the sum.

Sensor customization

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