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Load cells, load pins, force transducers & force sensors : SENSY's product

Force transducers
Are you looking to develop an industrial application where you will need ‘force transducers’? A wide range of such transducers can easily be integrated into your project, especially if your device is operating under tension and/or compression forces. You are almost certain to find the force transducer you require on our website. Do you need any further information regarding the properties and use of our load cells, such as their natural frequency, accuracy or their use in radioactive environments? If the solution to your problem is not available on our website, do not hesitate to contact our team of sales engineers directly.
Weighing load cells
Do you want to develop ‘legal for trade’ weighing applications? Our load cells can meet your demands and are certified according to international regulations (OIML-R60 and EN45500). Do you need a solution for an industrial process? Our load cells are designed for use under severe and hostile environmental conditions. We can offer you a broad range of products, many of which are already in stock – just send us an email request for a particular load cell and we will inform you of its delivery status. Whatever the environment – marine, aggressive or explosive (ATEX gas and dust) conditions – we have a solution just for you.
Standard reference transducers
If you want to calibrate any type of testing machine, either for quality purposes or to obtain an official calibration certificate, then choose a standard reference transducer. There are two methods which can be used to measure a force with accuracy: ‘dead-weight machines’ or testing machines equipped with a transfer force transducer. The first solution is quite expensive and difficult to operate. The second one is cost-effective and increases your flexibility. Our standard reference transducers comply with ISO376 (EN 10002-3) accuracy classes “05” and “00” (eventually class “1”) regulations.
Load limitation
With 25 years of experience in the field, SENSY is one of the most tried-and-tested companies in the business of load limitation for hoisting devices. This is why we can offer one of the largest product ranges on the market, including strain-gauge technology load cells and load pins, electronic load limiters and displays, as well as torque shackles and wedge sockets. We have also developed a range of load cells and electronic load limiters especially for low-capacity hoisting equipment.
Torque transducers
Are you looking for static or dynamic torque meters? Then we have a solution for you, whether or not they are fastened directly on to your equipment! Do you require a process control device for regulating the torque in order to optimise the strain under which your equipment has to work? Do you want to integrate a torque meter directly onto your transmission shaft? Or, for quality assurance purposes, do you need to control and calibrate your pneumatic/electric screwdrivers or torque wrenches? If so, then we can advise you on the most appropriate torque meter. Flexibility is our philosophy, so do not hesitate to contact us for your ‘custom-made’ solutions. The design and development of such new solutions is our strength and our speciality.

Responding to specific projects is just one of our strengths. Are you looking for a unique solution that is not readily available on the market? We can help you to solve your problem either with one of the special load cells already in production or by developing a custom-made product. Our design team will assist you with every step of your project, from the very beginning to the very end. Designing and developing new solutions is our speciality – it is all part of our company's culture.

As a manufacturer of load cells and force transducers, we can supply you with complete measurement chains by connecting electronics to our products that meet your needs. Beside analogical or digital amplifiers integrated in our load cells or mounted on their cables, we also offer a broad range of electronic equipment to meet customer requirements: displays, amplifiers, analogue and digital transmitters, etc. This means that for every application, you can find the corresponding range of electronic equipment. As experts in measurement chains in their entirety, we also offer pre-calibration services, remote assistance and initial after-sales services for these electronics.
Calibration service
In addition to supplying load cells and/or complete measurement chains, we can also provide you with a complete calibration service. This might include, for example: an ISO376 certificate delivered by an accredited laboratory, the supply of load cells and their calibration curves, calibration of the measurement chain we are supplying, and re-calibration of equipment that we have previously supplied you with or which you have purchased elsewhere. Send us your request and we will send you a quotation.
Projects - Softwares
Are you looking for a complete solution, including a load cell, electronic display and/or signal conditioner and data acquisition/treatment software? Or perhaps you would like to log your measurements for a pre-determined duration and frequency then publish the resulting curve? Or maybe you want to calibrate your machines (according to ISO7500) using standard reference transducers (according to ISO376) for testing the resistance of concrete then publish the calibration certificate along with the measurements and classification of the testing machine for each applied force? We can offer you standard or custom-made software responding to your requirements. Send us your problem and we will provide the solution.

Sensors customizations

This page will help you to define your custom-made load pins.


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