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Are you looking to develop an industrial application where you will need ‘force transducers’? A wide range of such transducers can easily be integrated into your project, especially if your device is operating under tension and/or compression forces. You are almost certain to find the force transducer you require on our website. Do you need any further information regarding the properties and use of our load cells, such as their natural frequency, accuracy or their use in radioactive environments? If the solution to your problem is not available on our website, do not hesitate to contact our team of sales engineers directly.

If you have a question, ask us and we will give you the answer ! As well as our standard products, remember to look at our customised solutions because flexibility is part of our philosophy. Just try us and see – we can guarantee professional advice and a quick response and/or quotation.


Nuestros sensores

10 to 200 kg
High-end load cell combining high accuracy with high resistance in harsh environment.
2 to 200 kg
Low capacity single point load cell
10 to 50 t
Load cells specially designed for on-board weighing on trucks.
5 to 100 kN
Universal load cell combining accuracy, sturdiness and easy installation
100 N to 10 kN
High-accuracy universal load cells, easy to install.
3 kN to 3 MN
Universal tension and compression load cells for industrial force measurements.
30 kN to 50 MN
High-capacity compression load cells.
0.5 to 2000 t
Custom-made load pin designed to be installed at the same place of a common axle without any big changes of the existing mechanical environment.
 0.5 to 2000 t
Custom made load pin for subsea applications.
10 kN to 50 MN
Universal load cells combining accuracy and sturdiness ; easy to install.
2 to 100 t
Robust and easy-to-install tension load cells
20 to 750 kN
Washer load cell (annular load cell) specially designed for force measurement on bolts.
200 kN to 20 MN
Through hole load cell, donut load cell or annular load cell
75 kN to 5 MN
Load link / tension load cell.
0.5 to 125 t
Load pin with standard dimensions.
5 to 75 t
Static line tensiometer specially designed to measure the tension force applied to a cable or a rope.
from 0.4 to 600 t
Running line tensiometer designed to measure the tension force of a running rope.
1 to 600 t
Running line tensiometer designed to measure the tension force of a running rope with removable center sheave to allow an easy installation.
0.3 to 25 t
Annular force transducer specially designed for applications requiring a centred hole.
200 N to 5 kN
Miniature load cell (tension and compression).
200 N to 20 kN
Miniature load cell (compression).

Electrónica asociada

Large digital displays for distance reading
Smart junction box designed for parallel connecting of 2 to 4 load cells to an electronics and to ensure the monitoring of their correct functioning.
Converts the signal from a wheatstone bridge (mv/v) into a standardised digital signal rs-232, rs-485 or usb.
Convert the signal from a wheatstone bridge (mv/v) into a standardised digital signal rs-232, rs-485 or usb.
Converts the signal from the wheatstone bridge (mv/v) into a robust industrial standardised 4 to 20 ma signal.
Base station designed to connect up to 8 wireless load cells (wi-t24tr-xxx)
Base stations designed to connect wireless load cell (wi-t24tr-xxx)
Radio receiver with analogue output (4..20 ma, 0..10 v).
Hand-held wireless indicator.
Radio transmitter for analogue signals (mv/v, 4..20 ma, 0..10 v).
Hand-held indicator for transducer with mv/v output.
Very high accuracy digital indicator designed for weighing applications.
Analogue voltage and current signal converter with galvanic isolation.
Conditionner-amplifier with 4..20 ma and 0..10 v output.
Conditioner-amplifier with 4..20 ma and -10..0..10 v output.
Dual independent process input meter.
Universal panel meters for using with load cells and process signals.
Panel meters with dual line display for wheatstone bridge sensors
Universal large panel meters to be used with transducers and process signals.

Sensores a medida

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